The website is used as an online store to purchase brands bags by the public of internet users in Israel and the rest of the world. The usage and buying on this website are underlying the conditions in this policy.

Any user who performs a purchase on this website is declaring by making the purchase that they are aware of the website policy and the rules that apply on product purchase and agree to their applicability of their purchase, and therefore they will not have and/or their representative any claim and/or demand against Badimyon and/or the website operators and/or their representatives, unless these are claims that are breach of obligation by Badimyon and/or by the website operators by this policy.



Terms of perticipation

Allowed to perform any action on the website, any citizen of israel of 18 years of age and older (As well as a company duly incorporated according to Laws of the State of Israel and the Register of Companies in Israel) that has in their possession a credit card that is valid by one of the credit companies. The purchase is conditional upon approval from the credit company for the transaction.

By any chance that the transaction has not been approved by the credit company, the operator of the transaction will receive an appropriate notice.



The offered products

The offered products for purchase on the website are new products and are accompanied by specifications.

It is possible to view pictures of the products and short description of the offered product.

Bags and wallets may have a small diffreneces from the photos, due the diffrenet screens.

Further details about the offered products can be found on the website itself, under FAQ or contacting by phone the Badimyon store.

If the product is not available in inventory, although it appears on the site, Badimyon will not be obligated to sell and there will be no claim or demand on this matter by the buyer, provided that the buyer will receive a notice considering the missing product and will receive a full refund.




Users details

While performing actions on the website, the participant will be required to fill out in the system the following details:

Id number, First name, Last name, Company name, Phone number, City, Postal code, Email address, and Payment method.

Filling out false details is a felony. Those who fill out false details will be dealt with by legal matters, including lawsuits for damages that may be caused to Badimyon.

Badimyon will not take responsibility, upfront or indirect, for any case that a purchase of a customer has not be placed in the system and/or any technical problem and/or other that keeps that customer to purchase a product.



Payment and Supply

After finishing the purchase, the customer is obligated immediately to pay fully for the product, by the amount of payments they have requested.

Badimyon will supply the product purchased on the website, to the address that was filled out on signing in or that was personally determined with the client, if it is not the matching address as on signing in. All of the above is accordingly to Badimyon’s supply conditions.

The prices on Badimyon website include taxes.

Badimyon keeps the right to change at anytime the prices, without further notice.




Our bags are created in Israel, handmade.

We know what it’s like to wait for a bag that you have already ordered,

That’s why we try to send out the deliveries as fast as possible.

If there is any kind of delay, you will receive a message to your phone right away.


The supply of the product to purchasers through a delivery company or registered mail.

Delievery time:

Registered mail for product suppliment: up to 28 business days, dependent on Israel mail.

Badimyon are not responsible for any delay in product supply for reasons that are not in their hands: upper hand, strikes, sanctions, technical problems by the Israeli mail, and if the client does not pick up the product in 7 days from the moment receiving the notice to come and pick up the product.

Delivery through a courier will be coordinated in advance, before delivering the product. The company is committed to pack and send out the orders to delivery in 7 days to its destination. The orders will be sent out through a courier company that delivers to most parts of the country in 2 – 3 business days.


The costumer can pick up the product from Badimyon if coordinated ahead of time. It is agreed that a client that will pick up their product will not be charged delivery fee.



Cancellation and Return policy

Any client who purchases a product, may cancel their transaction according to the provisions of the consumer protection law, from the day of purchase and up to 10 days from receiving the product.

Cancellation of a transaction will be done by writing via email.

The product will be delivered to us (at the client’s expense) while it is complete and in its original packaging, and it has not been used or damaged in any way.

The transaction sum will be refunded to you fully in the same payment method you used (credit card, paypal, etc).

The company is not obligated to exchange products that were bought at end of season or on sale.



Badimyon’s responsibillites

Badimyon undertakes to act fairly and to provide top service.

The company is not obligated to keep inventory of all models and/or bags that their pictures are featured on the website.

The company is doing as best as they can to make sure that the information that appears on the website is the most fully and accurate but, to clarify, there may appear mistakes or inaccuracies and the company will take no responsibility for anything that follows these mistakes.

The pictures of the products on the website are for illustration only and there might be differences between the products shown on the website, to the products that are being sold…


Badimyon is doing their best to provide quality products on the requested date. if the client believes that the products that were purchased through he website or the services failed in any way, please contact us.


Badimyon wishes you an enjoyable shopping experience 🙂